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At, we are fortunate to be involved in a rich, artistic industry. Through JJ Porret's modern sculpture art, we share vision and balance with so many, extremely talented artists and artistic venues. Here are a few we would like to share with you.

Artblend is a full service, art-related business offering gallery & art fair exhibitions, marketing, book publishing, and magazine profile opportunities.    
Explore a universe of amazing artwork when you board ArtfulSol. Their site features breathtaking paintings, jewelry, and sculptures.

Art Tour International
ArtTour International seeks to build a dialogue about contemporary art and serve as an international platform for today’s emerging and professional visual and performing artists.

Visit Art-T-zine for modern art takes on mantles, tables, and pedestals. Every piece on this site is designed for art's sake.
A chapter of the international sculpture center, Chicago Sculpture International is a beautiful exhibition center for bronze sculptures.

DeBruyne Fine Art
We are proud to share our bronze art and abstract sculptures, like #305 Galantry, through DeBruyne Fine Art. 
This group of talented bronze workers creates stunning pieces. Peruse their portfolio to truly appreciate their work.

Gallerie 454      
Gallerie 454 holds the same passion for sharing modern sculpture as we do. They also provide art representation services.

Gallery Fine Art
Galleria Fine Arts is proud to present a selection of nationally and internationally recognized artists. Our collection varies from contemporary realism to Impressionism to Abstract.

Grigoropoulos Ltd
Sitting alongside talented sculpture artists like Greg Mine and Don Buckley on Grigoropoulos Ltd is an pleasure.
Helping art lovers discover striking works of art in a local, public setting is the principal mission of this organization. We are proud to participate with them.     
Our bronze sculptures can be seen with other through, a member-supported, nonprofit organization.

Standard Marble & Granite     
Stone is a challenging medium. It takes true talent like that demonstrated by Standard Marble to make it shine.


Public Art in Chicago