Exhibition Gallery

Whether you believe that art imitates life, or that life imitates art [far more often - Oscar Wilde], we can agree that balance is ideal. Balance like that seen in JJ Porret's sculpture exhibitions is, in our option, truly balanced, and mesmerizing because of it.

Taking a walk through our virtual gallery provides a tantalizing taste of the true impact these pieces deliver. Each contemporary sculpture is a product of JJ Porret's vision of composure and made without a preconceived notion. Yet, they harmonize with one another in the bronze sculpture exhibition. Let the scale of some of these pieces sink in, and allow the emotion they embody flow as you watch our sculpture gallery.

It is our sincere pleasure to share this sculpture gallery and its pieces with you. When you realize a piece that speaks to you or represents your organization, you feel the sense of rightness JJ Porret intended.


Current Exhibition

Sculptor Jean-Jacques Porret introduces his installation at 515 North State in September 2012.

Jean Jacques Porret is the conductor of a ballet in bronze. Like the classical dance technique, Porret's surreal sculptures transcend the mere human form they represent, and instead draw the viewer in with their delicate expressionsim, rhythmic movement, and abstract sensuality.